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Bargains That Offer a Big Bang For Your Buck in Mt. Orab

A great bargain can be hard to pass up. That's why we here at Mt Orab Ford offer a wide range of vehicles for under $12,000 to satisfy your itch for savings. From top brands like Ford, Chevy, Jeep, and Toyota, you can choose the used car that best suits your needs in Amelia.

Not convinced that a used bargain vehicle could be for you? Consider the following benefits:

Bargain Vehicles Offer the Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Sure, a car priced under $12,000 might not have the same appeal as a brand new whip, but what you've lost in status you'll make up for in money saved. These vehicles often can be purchased outright, meaning you may not have to worry about a month-to-month car payment. Even if you do have a monthly car payment, it won't be near as much as you'd pay monthly for a new car. Instead, consider putting the extra money towards something else that matters to you, or use it to save up for potential repairs down the road.

Bargain Vehicles May Offer Cheaper Insurance

Depending on the type of car you choose, you will likely get away with cheaper insurance. Depending on the year, make, and model, some carriers may let you slide with liability only coverage which could save you hundreds.

Bargain Vehicles Are Great For Driving Long Distances

Don't want to put excessive miles on your main vehicle? Try driving your bargain vehicle instead. It'll keep unnecessary wear and tear off your newer car, while providing you with reliable transport to get you where you need to go. Bargain Vehicles Are Great For Driving Short Distances, Too

Sometimes, you just need a car to get you from point Batavia, OH to point Bethel. When this is the case, a value vehicle might be just the ticket. Use it to go to work, pick up the kids, or for general transport during your daily grind.

Popular Brands and Models at a Cheaper Price

Maybe you love old school vehicles or have a teen who would love to sport a gently used Mustang or Lexus. Whatever the case, our dealership offers a variety of top brands and models to suit your needs.

Higher Quality at a Lower Cost

Vehicles aren't quite made the way they used to be, and that's a good thing. That's because today's car manufacturers are putting forth more effort to ensure the quality and durability of the vehicles they produce. This means your bargain purchase may perform better and last you a few years longer than you may have otherwise expected.

You'll Likely Find a Hidden Gem

The beauty of a bargain is getting something you didn't expect to find at a price you didn't expect. Check out our inventory and you might be surprised to find popular models at ridiculously low costs.

Buying Used Isn't Quite What It Used to Be

As previously mentioned, car manufacturers are ensuring a better quality of the vehicles they produce. In addition to quality, you will likely find that today's "used" vehicles are on par with many of the newer models you see today. Gently used previously owned vehicles often offer the same performance, features, and styles that newer vehicles offer at only a fraction of the cost. Who can argue with that?

Test Drive a Used Vehicle From Us Today

Now that we've established why a bargain vehicle might be a great fit for you, consider checking out our inventory and taking one of our vehicles out for a test drive. From SUVs, cars, and trucks, we've got the selection you need to reveal the perfect fit for you and your budget at our finance center. Stop by to check out our inventory at Mt Orab Ford in Mt Orab and serving the greater Hillsboro, OH area today!