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Quick: what kind of tires on your vehicle? Summer, Winter, or All Season? Are they staggered? Radial or Run Flat? Tires are easy to forget about, but they're one of the most important components of your vehicle. Choosing the right tire for your driving conditions and properly maintaining them is extremely important. Now you're probably thinking, "How do I know which tires are right for me, and when should I replace them?" That's where we come in.

At Mt. Orab Ford, our expert service technicians take the guesswork out of tire maintenance. We have state-of-the-art equipment to ensure both proper installation and the proper service of your tires. With our Low Price Tire Guarantee on 13 leading tire brands, we'll keep you rolling along, affordably.
Don't Put It Off

Keep in mind that with tires - like any vehicle component - delaying your service to save a few bucks now can cost you BIG in the long run. Addressing tire issues head on will not only keep you safe while driving, it can save you more money further down the road. Make the smart call and keep your tires in good condition. You'll be able to enjoy peace of mind for your wallet - and your family.

Keeping your tires in good condition can save you money in other ways too. Did you know that when your tires are inflated properly, it can improve your fuel economy by 2%? That adds up big time! Properly inflating your tires will help you avoid irregular wear and increase your tires' lifespan AND your safety on the road. When the weather turns cold your tires will lose pressure, so be sure to check your tire pressures at least once per month.

In addition to proper inflation, you should always be aware of the condition of your tires' tread. Tread depth is one of the biggest factors when considering whether it's time for replacement. For example: at 70 mph, fresh tires may take up to 195 feet to completely stop in wet conditions. Worn tires could increase stopping distance nearly 100 extra feet. If your tire tread measures less than 5/32 (or more than 50% worn) in depth, your vehicle might require up to 379 feet to stop! This is especially important to consider in Ohio where weather conditions are often snowy/slushy/icy/rainy. To ensure the stopping power of your tires, come see the experts at Mt. Orab Ford today.

If you see a bubble in the sidewall of your tire, we recommend that you come see us immediately. A bubble is an indication of impact damage (like from a pothole) and air is pushing from the inside against the weakened wall of the tire. The air may be contained for now, but a blowout is much more likely under these conditions. If you have a bubble in the sidewall of a tire, keep yourself and others safe by bringing your vehicle in for an inspection right away.

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