The Ford F-150 Has a Highly Efficient Turbocharged Ecoboost Engine

While driving a Ford F-150 pickup truck, you'll conquer obstacles on the roughest terrains using a 2.7 turbocharged engine. On the rugged roads, all of the engine's pistons work together to help the F-150 produce up to 325 horsepower and 400 lb-ft torque.

Upon lifting the hood, you'll see this powerful engine, which has Ford's patented PFDI system. The F-150 never slows down on dirt and gravel because this system is built with multiple cylinders, and each individual cylinder has two injectors. Many other components also give the engine high horsepower, such as the variable intake timing hardware and twin intercooled turbochargers. Both of these intercooled turbo parts are included specifically for moments when extra power is needed on-demand.

Mt. Orab Ford in Mt. Orab, OH has a dedicated staff that frequently sets up Ford F-150 test drives. When a potential customer requests one, we always strive to make the entire trip educational and beneficial.

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