2018 Ford Focus RS Gets Limited-Slip Differential For Better Handling

It seems that the 2018 Ford Focus RS will be the last model year of the current-generation of the Blue Oval’s lauded hyper-hatch. Don’t worry—it’ll be returning when the Focus line gets updated for 2019, but this is the last model year you’ll be able to get it in this generation. To make it extra-special, Ford has added some new features.

The AWD, and 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder remains unchanged with its 350 horsepower and lb-ft of torque, but it’s how that power is delivered that’s going to be getting some attention. For example, a limited-slip differential will be fitted to the front wheels to stave off front wheel spin and bolster cornering performance. The decision came from browsing enthusiast forums and making note of owner inputs—which also included adding more colors to the roster. There are also some cosmetic enhancements, too. Watch the clip above to find out what they entail.

Only 1,500 Focus RS units will be shipped to North America for 2018, so if this car is on the docket, contact our Ford dealership in Mt. Orab, OH to put your name on the order books.

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