2017 Ford Escape Limits Fuel Usage

For drivers searching for an efficient vehicle capable of tackling the open road, the new 2017 Ford Escape may be perfect for you. The heavy duty crossover SUV combines practical necessities with a unique design. Adding power to your ordinary commute, the Escape grants you the opportunity to explore the road like never before.

Using EcoBoost engines, the Escape possesses one of a kind power. The EcoBoost engines also offers a fuel efficient ride. Limiting your need for fuel, drivers can spend more time cruising.
Created with brand new Auto Stop technology, the 2017 Ford Escape saves money and fuel while preserving your vital vehicle functions. Once the car has stopped, the engine will safely shut down, preventing excessive and unnecessary usage. Once the gas is pressed the engine will rapidly turn on.

Restrictions on your need for constant refueling, the Escape manages to keep your journey enjoyable. Drivers can spend more time doing what they love. If your seeking a fuel efficient vehicle, the all new 2017 Escape may be ideal for you.
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